Webinar: Managing an ageing workforce - hear from Aviva and the winner of the BITC Ageing Workforce Award 2018, on how businesses are using effective solutions for responding to an ageing population


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By 2020 almost a third of the UK workforce will be 50 or more. Hear from Aviva and the winner of the BITC Ageing Workforce Award 2018, on how leading businesses are using the most effective solutions for responding to an ageing population and a multigenerational workforce.

What will you learn from attending the webinar? 

  • Understand the most effective solutions for supporting an ageing and multigenerational workforce
  • Hear from Aviva about the steps they have taken to retain, retrain and recruit more people over the age of 50 and the benefits to their business

Agenda/ outline of the event

  • Demographic changes and the impact on business 
  • Key reasons why employees in their 50s and 60s are leaving work prematurely 
  • What businesses can do to retain, retrain and recruit more over 50s and benefit from an increasingly multi-generational workforce
  • BITC Ageing Workforce Award winner: How Aviva has created a multi-generational workforces with 5 generations working alongside each other 

Open to all BITC members and partners of the BITC Diversity and Wellbeing campaigns.