Workshop: Net Zero Carbon - London


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London - TBC

Learn what Business in the Community's leading members have been doing to remove carbon from their business.

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries today, and even more tomorrow. Businesses are recognising that the risks and opportunities for their organisation are linked to the risks of climate change. As a result they are aligning their goals to the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement to limit global temperature rise to below two degrees celsius, and given the grave risks, to strive for 1.5 degrees celsius. At this workshop we will share with you what our leading members have been doing to remove carbon from their business.

InterfaceFLOR has a challenging target to have no negative impacts on the environment by 2020. It is on course to achieve this and will move onto a target for carbon restoration – making its impact on the planet a positive one. Find out what it has done it and hear its inspiring story.

Mark Chadwick, CEO of EcoAct, will help attendees understand the context for their work on zero carbon and how they can make this a strategic priority. 


  • Hear best practice examples from leading organisations removing carbon from their business
  • Understand the climate change risks to organisations, and how to develop a climate change plan
  • Understand what science-based targets are, and how they help you to manage your organisation’s real contribution to climate change
  • Share examples of how to work with the organisation’s value chain (suppliers and customers) to reduce carbon

Who should attend

  • Any organisation without a current and challenging climate change plan that is being implemented effectively
  • Colleagues working on the organsiation’s environment sustainability/climate change/carbon/energy programme
  • Directors with responsibility for the organsiation’s environment sustainability/climate change/carbon/energy programme

Please note this workshop is for BITC members only and requires one credit for two people. If you have not yet renewed your membership onto BITC’s new proposition this is included in your current membership fee.

Further information
Please contact Elizabeth Edginton, Programme Officer - Environment for more information.

Full joining instructions will be sent shortly before the start of the event