Community Engagement

By investing in local communities, tackling the issues that affect the lives of the workforce, businesses can help to build strong communities.  The community is then better able to support local business. 












Creating vibrant and resilient communities

Business in the Community's ambition is to deliver a culture change in the way businesses and community organisations, including schools, work together to support their local areas creating vibrant and resilient communites.

We believe that the most enduring way businesses can make a positive impact in their communities is by investing in education, employment and enterprise.

Effective community investment

Community investment  supports those communities most in need with time, skills, money and expertise. It's about understanding how the choices you make when running your business - who you employ, where you locate, what you buy, sell and invest in - impact on your local communities and the social issues that affect us all.

Business in the Community has developed five key principles of community investment that underpin successful community investment programmes, focusing on the creation of sustainable social impact alongside tangible business benefits. 

In line with these principles, Business in the Community supports companies in creating effective community investment programmes, taking action in communities, as well as further developing their existing activities.   

How you can take action

Business Connectors
Business Connectors are talented individuals seconded from business,
trained by Business in the Community and placed in communities of greatest need to build partnerships that tackle local issues.

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Business in the Community offers a range of programmes to help prevent
social background predicting a young person's success at school and beyond.
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We offer a range of ways employers can overcome disadvantage by increasing access to good, sustainable employment.
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Employee volunteering
We offer companies, advice, strategic support and brokered volunteering opportunities, across the UK and globally.
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Business can help create jobs and vibrant communities by supporting small businesses
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Resources for action

Bespoke advice
We offer a unique blend of expertise and insight.
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Resource hub
Stengthen your organisation's community investment programme by utilising our extensive knowledge hub.
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Join the Business in the Community one day interactive training course to develop an in-depth and practical
understanding of the five principles of community investment.
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