Health & Wellbeing

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Health and Wellbeing SDG's

Based on the principle of leaving no one behind, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to tackle poverty, climate change and inequality. These Goals represent the largest ever call for collective action by governments, institutions, businesses and citizens. To achieve the SDGs and so build a sustainable future for everyone, it is essential to develop the positive impacts of business and mitigate the negative.
Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Map helps companies to navigate and contribute to the SDGs by identifying the key issues and explaining the actions and outcomes needed for businesses to achieve long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive.

A healthier, happier and engaged workforce that drives sustainable performance and productivity benefiting employers, employees, customers and makes communities more resilient (SDG 3, 11).



  • Take a preventative whole-person, whole-system approach to health and wellbeing that gives employers and employees collective responsibility.
  •  Invest in community initiatives that promote physical and mental health.
  • Consider how your operations can promote healthy spaces that are restorative and enriching for both physical and mental health.

Resources to take action

Find out more about how the Business in the Community wellbeing campaign works with business to: 

  • Make the case for wellbeing at work 
  • Embed wellbeing into an organisations culture taking a whole person approach
  • Tackle the stigma of mental health.


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Business in the Community's Responsible Business Map 

By creating healthy communities and a healthy environment, responsible business can achieve long-term financial success. 

Join our network of progressive businesses who look beyond the profit motive, who want to make a difference within society and who are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.

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Building Healthy Communities

Pride of Place is a new approach to the way we ask businesses to engage in communities. It brings together the skills and resources of business to help some of our communities in greatest need thrive again. It is a strategic and long-term approach based on over 35 years of experience of Business in the Community.  Our aim is to build healthy communities with successful business at their heart.
Find out more about Pride of Place.