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In joining Business in the Community, you join a network of progressive businesses who look beyond the profit motive, who want to make a difference within society and who are prepared to collaborate to bring about change.

We are the membership organisation for businesses who want to publicly demonstrate a commitment to acting responsibly and invest in building a better society.

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What we ask of members

We believe the prosperity of business and society are inextricably linked. If every individual business strives to be the best it can be in all areas as a responsible business, there will be a positive multiplier effect that will benefit society, the economy and the environment. If businesses collaborate they can have a greater impact upon key issues than if acting alone.

This is why we ask our members to do two things: 

1. Be the best you can be in all areas as a responsible business and embark on a journey of continuous improvement that delivers social, environmental and economic sustainability.

2. Be a force for good by collaborating with other businesses in the network and investing in building a better society. This means supporting initiatives which are beyond your company’s immediate interests, but which will sustain growth in the long term.

To demonstrate your performance as a responsible business, we ask that you measure and report your objectives and achievements.

What membership offers you

Membership gives you access to the resources to develop your business and a network to bring about change.

Our flexible membership packages allow you to choose the level and type of support services you need to suit your business.  Depending on your strategic priorities, we can build a package that suits your requirements.  The total cost depends on your company size.

The membership contribution

Membership is open to all companies and organisations, regardless of size, location or experience in managing their business in a responsible and sustainable way.
Our flexible membership packages allow you to choose the level and type of support services you need to progress your responsible business strategy. This can include access to facilitated workshops, training and performance management tools and guidance on skills-based volunteering. 

Membership includes a contribution to The Prince’s Responsible Business Network and, therefore, a proportion of your fee will be exempt from VAT. The service elements of your membership package are VATable.

As a Member, you work with Business in the Community across the Responsible Business agenda or focus on one or more issues.

Leading Members
As a Leading Member, you sit on the Leadership Team for at least one issue. You drive the agenda and work collectively with others from the network to innovate, share ideas and accelerate our campaigns to achieve change.

Premier Members
As a Premier Member, you make a significant commitment which gives you access to strategic opportunities that work for your business, shape the debate and position your leadership and brand.

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