The Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group and Adler & Allan

Disaster response specialist and founding member of The Prince’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG), Adler & Allan, play a fundamental role in BERG’s leadership and delivery, helping to support the programme’s objectives to help businesses prepare for and recover from a wide range of emergencies.

Adler & Allan lend their considerable expertise in flood mitigation and spill response to the project, and provide specific support for flooding and natural catastrophes, helping businesses to become more resilient and streamline their response to emergencies.

Mark Calvert, Adler & Allan’s Managing Director, sits on the BERG Leadership Team and chairs the Natural Hazards sub-group, which sees him advise on emergency response including deploying equipment and personnel, project management and anticipating any potential dangers. 

“Adler & Allan assists businesses in preparing for and mitigating against environmental disasters. We deliver emergency response and clean-up services if an incident occurs. Our priority is getting businesses back on their feet as quickly as possible, while minimising any risk to the environment,” says Mark. 

“Our involvement with BERG allows us to provide direct support to local businesses and communities, and underpins our commitment to Corporate Responsibility.”

Improving flood resilience - Cumbria

Recently, BERG has collaborated with Adler & Allan to help homes and SMEs benefit from the Government’s flood grant scheme, which provides grants of up to £5,000 to protect homes and businesses from flooding. 

As the UK’s leading flood responder, Adler & Allan is currently delivering advice, support and installing flood resilience measures in the north of England, particularly to premises affected by storms Desmond and Eva, which hit Cumbria and parts of Scotland in December 2015.  Adler & Allan and BERG have set up three dedicated offices, at Keswick, Carlisle and Kendal (where there is also a walk-in shop and demonstration house showing flood measures in place), with 10 installation teams in this area focused on improving the flood resilience of homes and businesses that have benefitted from the Government’s grant.

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